Gripfill Green 350ml | Wentin Fasteners

Gripfill | Green 350ml

Gripfill | Green 350ml  350ml. Gives excellent adhesion and bonding strength to most solid buil..


Gripfill | Yellow 350ml | Wentin Fasteners

Gripfill | Yellow 350ml

Gripfill Yellow is a solvent free adhesive which bonds almost any surface and has excellent stren..


Spray Adhesive | 500ml | SAS470 | Wentin Fasteners

Spray Adhesive | 500ml | SAS470

Adhesive Spray VC6 400ml Do Not Use On Plasticised PVC High strength bond forumlated for mai..


Multi stick | Sika | Adhesive | White| Wentin Fasteners

Multi stick | Sika | Adhesive | White

Sika® Multi Stick is an exciting new grab adhesive based on new SPUR technology (Silyl-terminated PU..


Puraflex 40 | Sealant & Adhesive | Wentin Fasteners

Puraflex 40 | Sealant & Adhesive

Everbuild Tecnic Puraflex 40 is a high modulus, one-component  PU sealant and adhesive which ad..

Stixall | Adhesive & Sealant | Wentin Fasteners

Stixall | Adhesive & Sealant

Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power is the ultimate combined building adhesive and sealant, based on hyb..

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