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Can I get a quote for a list of goods even if I can not find some of the products on your site?

Yes no problem, Not all products are yet loaded onto our site, so if you e-mail your requirements we will be pleased to quote by return.

I have bought some stainless steel nuts and bolts and the nut has siezed on the bolt before they are tight?

This is a common problem that occurs between similar metals such as stainless steel or brass, it is called GALLING. Some of our customers will use A4 nuts with A2 bolts, this seems to to reduce the problem dramatically.Or a company produce a product called AG-90 Anti galling oil, comes in a small oil can and is very effective. You can find this in the abrasive and adhesive section.

How do I hang my plasma TV on the wall?

We sell a product called Rosetts, these have been specially designed for plasterboard. There are red (which will take a load of 70KG's each) And there are blue (which take a load of 38KG's each). The red's are longer, therefore suitable for double plasterboard.

I have bought Zinc Plated socket cap screws and the head has sheared.

This is called Hydrogen Embrittlement, Which only occurs on fasteners over 10.9 Grade when being plated. Hydrogen on a very rare occasion gets trapped in the metal structure during the plating process and causes the fastener to become brittle. As I have stated this a rare occurance however we do not reccomend the use of these fasteners in safety critical positions. These fasteners are only meant for corrosion resistants, decorative use. For more information please see Hydrogen Embrittlement at the base of our home page.

When I change the quantity the price changes?

Yes! the more you buy the cheaper the product becomes! Here at Wentin Fasteners customers buy what is required, Why buy 1000 M5 Full nuts when you only need 55?  We are more than happy to supply the QTY's you need, of course the more you buy the cheaper the products become.

Why is there 4 decimal points on the prices?

Well because we are intent on selling the quantitys you require, and if you look at the individual price of some of the smaller products they would cost 0.006 pence. Therefore we have a decimal point break!