Hydrogen Embrittlement

In spite of all the precautions taken during electrolytic surface coating, the danger of fracture as a result of hydrogen embrittlement can never be completely eliminated. This applies to articles with mechanical properties for which the tensile strength is Rm > 1000 N/mm2 (this includes class 10.9,12.9 and higher) and/or the hardness is partially or completely higher than 320 HV. The risk of fracture is largely eliminated by a special heat treatment (see ISO 4042)

We recom
mend to think critically whether articles that may be vulnerable to hydrogen embrittlement require an electrolytic surface treatment. Equivalent methods of surface coating can be used without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Wentin Fasteners Accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the development of cracks as a result of hydrogen embrittlement. This also applies to products that are subjected to electrolytic or chemical treatment by third parties after delivery.