Weve got a Spring in our step.. - 15th April

Weve got a Spring in our step.. - 15th April

So spring is here and Wentin Fasteners is the place to be. The weather is warming up, finally we can get out of the house again and get started on all the things that we've been putting off since the last time that we saw the sun. Wentins are the people that you need to help you all the way as we can cater for all the things that you will need.

Putting the fence up, mending the shed or building something from wood? Put us to the test with the freshly launched C2 classic screws from T I Midwood and Co or with our range of decking screws. For those of you that just want to keep it simple how about a Hardman hammer and some galvanised nails.

For all of you that have got to sort the car or bike for those afternoon rides out, we'd be glad to help you rebuild your classic. Our tool selection from brands renowned for their reliability and quality such as Teng, Limit and Ferax would even be the envy of the best stock car dealer. Plus, of course all the nuts and bolts that you'll need, from start to finish including UNC, UNF, BSF and BSW.

Finally as is always the way, someones got to tidy up. Whether you need hand cleaner or blue paper roll right the way through to a stiff yard brush and white spirit.

Our knowledge and enthusiasm make us the right people to get you up and running and more importantly keep you going now that the days are getting lighter, longer and even better, warmer.