Summer is upon us...! - 1st June 2017

Summer is upon us...! - 1st June 2017

Summer is upon us, the weather is turning nice and Yeovil is alive with people looking to get things done.
The first thing for this month is a massive thank you to everyone that made our first open day a success! Yes, I said first. We will be looking to announce the next one as soon as we have a date in the diary and the companies lined up to come. 

So thank you to all of our wonderful customers, and thank you to the companies that came in. It was great to see Hitachi
Bosch, SIP, Timco and Toolbank all showing off what they have to offer.

As for this month, we have now launched a nice full range of UNC stainless on to the website. That takes the imperial range to a whole new strength and is already drawing sales from as far afield as Denmark.

We've added new lines and colours to our Hammerite range- and as I'm sure 
by now you've noticed that the railings or the garden table have taken a bit of a beating over the winter, why not tidy them up and make them look as fresh as the Somerset sun looks at the moment.

 Also added to the web is all of our work wear including shorts. If you're anything like me it is definitely time to be getting the shorts on and heading outside to work away on all of those little projects.