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DREMEL 3000 (3000-15) Dremel Tools

DREMEL 3000 (3000-15)

This kit includes the Dremel 3000 multitool and 15 genuine Dremel accessories, all packed in a co..


DREMEL 8200 (8200-1/35) Dremel Tools

DREMEL 8200 (8200-1/35)

This kit includes the high performance 8200 Li-ion cordless multitool, with features like the col..


DREMEL Engraver (290-1) Dremel Tools

DREMEL Engraver (290-1)

Engraving tool with variable depth control, for engraving on a wide variety of materials like met..


DREMEL Flex-Shaft Tool Holder (2222)

DREMEL Flex-Shaft Tool Holder (2222)

Conveniently suspends your Dremel multitool above your workbench. Perfect for use with the Flexib..


DREMEL Flexible Shaft (225)

DREMEL Flexible Shaft (225)

Ideal attachment for precise, detailed work or hard to reach places. Comfort grip handpiece allow..


DREMEL Glue Gun 940 (940-3)

DREMEL Glue Gun 940 (940-3)

Packaging Contents Dremel Glue Gun 940 3x Dremel 11 mm Multipurpose High T..


DREMEL Line & Circle Cutter (678)  Dremel Tools

DREMEL Line & Circle Cutter (678)

Makes perfect holes and straight cuts Easily connects to your Dremel tool Included cutting bits a..


DREMEL Multi-Max MM20 Dremel Tools

DREMEL Multi-Max MM20

Features and benefits Faster and more efficient cutting: 250W high perfor..


DREMEL Multi-Vise (2500) Dremel Tools

DREMEL Multi-Vise (2500)

The Dremel 3-in1 Multi-Vise. Stationary vise, stand alone clamp & Toolholder. Clamps to any w..


DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6) Dremel Tools

DREMEL VersaTip (2000-6)

Packaging Contents Dremel VersaTip Soldering Tip Cutting Knife ..


DREMEL Workstation (220) Dremel Tools

DREMEL Workstation (220)

This is the perfect solution for stationary working with your Dremel. Drill vertically or in an a..


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