Fibre Backed Sanding Discs

High performance fibre-backed sanding discs in a range of sizes and weights for professional and DIY use in angle grinders. Available in Zirconium or Aluminium-Oxide for sanding stainless steel, metal, cast and wood. 

  • Zirconium abrasive fibre discs are usually recommended for medium aggression grinding on stainless steel.
  • Aluminium Oxide abrasive discs can be used for grinding on non-ferrous metals and sanding on mild steels. 

If you're unsure which sanding disc is most suitable for your project, please call for advice. 

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115MM & 125MM Sanding Pads - Zirconium/Alu-Oxide

115MM & 125MM Sanding Pads - Zirconium/Alu-Oxide

Zirconium: High performance fibre disc with zirconium corundum distinguishes thr...

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